Ken Makimsy Middleton

Ken Makimsy Middleton believes there’s EXTRAORDINARY inside all of us and alcohol prevents that person from ever existing.

For so many of us growing up, we were only warned of the dangers of drinking by one simple standard: Don’t become an alcoholic.

That was it. As long as you did not fall over into that category of being someone who needed to attend AA meetings or rehab, then you were pretty much okay. What this didn’t account for was all the people who were imbibing alcohol on a consistent basis who just weren’t reaching their full potential because of it.

This book is written as a public service announcement to all of those people. Its purpose is to educate the reader on all the ways alcohol holds us back in life of which we aren’t aware and how our lives can be so much better if we are willing to give alcohol-consciousness (the awareness of this truth and daily decision-making related to it) a chance.


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I greatly appreciate all the support for me, the book, and the alcohol-conscious movement to change the way the world views alcohol. 


Ken Makimsy Middleton
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